Project Phases

Phase one: Wānanga and bring together our mātauranga-a-hapū to describe the state of our kuku and the pressures on our kuku and our cultural practices.  Begin developing a Cultural Assessment Framework that we can use to monitor our kuku reef.

Phase two: Identify technologies to complement mātauranga-a-hapū: wānanga about different leading-edge technologies and develop a long-term plan to:

  • establish quality baseline information about the kuku habitat;
  • plan ongoing monitoring;
  • integrate additional knowledge into our assessments.

Phase three: Evaluate technology: we will test technology we have not used before e.g., a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) which is an underwater drone that will allow our hapū to directly view the kuku reef environment.

Phase four: Finalise the Cultural Assessment Framework to monitor the kuku reef.

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