Puāwaitanga o te Puawānanga - Living Our Dreams

Our vision, Puāwaitanga o te Puawānanga, represents a future where we are living our dreams. The term Puawānanga refers to the ‘Clematis’ vine which is significant to our Hapū and takiwā (traditional area). Not only as a vine that flourishes in our native forests but also as the name of our wharenui (meeting house).

The Puawānanga is a vine that must grow from the forest floor to the forest canopy where it seeks light and blossoms, thus symbolising the achievement of potential. As the vine grows it intertwines with other Puawānanga vines, providing strength and stability, thus symbolising the value of working together. This vision therefore ties together several key elements that both describe our future and grounds us in our identity and past.

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