Kia Rawaka – Strong Hapū Economy 

building our economy to provide the resources we need to live our dreams and grow sustainably.

Investment Framework

In December 2012, adult members of Maungaharuru-Tangitū Incorporated voted and 92% were in favour of the Investment Framework. The Investment Framework contains parameters (boundaries) to guide investment decisions relating to:

  • Risk Profile and Rate of Return
  • Liquidity and Cash Flow Distribution / Reinvestment
  • Direct and indirect business investment strategy
  • Overseas investment
  • Debt levels
  • ‘No go’ areas
  • Emplyment creation vs financial returns
  • Culturally significant investments

Investment Company

Our Investment Company is called Maungaharuru-Tangitū Limited. There are three directors whose role is to grow our investments and manage our assets, under the Investment Framework.

Commercial Properties

The commercial redress properties obtained in our Treaty Settlement include:

  • Opouahi Station (Farm) (2,550 ha)
    The land is owned by our Hapū and leased by Landcorp Farming Limited as a sheep and beef farm.
  • Part of the Esk Forest land (3,300 ha)
    The land is owned by our Hapū and leased by Panpac Forest Products Limited. The trees growing on the land are owned by Panpac.