Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust Kaimahi

The Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust has 12 Kaimahi – Staff / Contractors:

  • Lee Grace (Kaiwhakahaere Matua – General Manager),
  • Charmaine Butler (Kaiwhakahaere Tari – Office Manager),
  • Hayley Lawrence (Kaiwhakahaere Taiao – Environmental Manager),
  • Johanna Wilson (Kaiwhakawhanake ā-Hapū, Hapū Development Manager),
  • Louise Whaanga (Kaiārahi Reo),
  • Mark Kilmister (Kaiwhakahaere Whai Rawa – Commercial Manager),
  • Anesia Taurima-Nuku (Kaiawhina Tari – Administrative Assistant)
  • Callum Beattie (Kaitātari Kaupapa Here – Consent & Policy Analyst)
  • Guy Te Kahika (Kaitiaki Opouahi – Opouahi Reserve Caretaker)
  • Paul Hughes (Mātanga Hangarau – IT support)
  • Nevada Nathan (Kaitiaki Whenua – MTT Ranger)
  • Lacey Winiata (Kaiwhakahaere Whakapā – Communications Manager)

Lee Grace

Kaiwhakahaere Matua – General Manager

Lee has more than 20 years experience as a chartered accountant, with qualifications in both accountancy and commercial law and experience in managing Māori businesses.  He is well placed to continue the great mahi of the past, and to continue to progress the aspirations of whānau and hapū. 

Lee has a passion for healthy lifestyles, whānau and community. He is a trustee of Te Rangihaeata Oranga Trust and until recently, Rugby League Hawke’s Bay. He helped set up well known community events, ‘Kai in the Bay’, ‘Battle for Life’ and IronMāori and has been a trustee for Te Aranga o Heretaunga marae since 2012.

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Photo caption: Lee Grace, Kaiwhakahaere Matua (General Manager).

Charmaine Butler (nee Taurima)

Kaiwhakahaere Tari – Office Manager

Ko Ngāti Tū, Ngāti Kurumōkihi ōku hapū
Ko Tangoio tōku marae
Ko Rongomaiwahine tōku iwi
Ko Tuahuru tōku marae.

Charmaine was born and bred in Tangoio.  She has worked tirelessly for MTT as Administrator for many years.  Her role has changed in this post-settlement phase, and she is now Office Manager.  Charmaine has experience in administration and finance, is a current Trustee for MTT and was previously Tangoio Marae Chairperson.

“My vision is to have a healthy and wealthy hapū.  To have extensive support available for our kaumātua, and good direction for our tamariki.”

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Photo caption: Charmaine Butler, Kaiwhakahaere Tari (Office Manager) pictured here at Waipātiki, with Te Wharangi Pā in the background.

Hayley Lawrence

Kaiwhakahaere Taiao – Environmental Manager

Nō te iwi Pākehā ahau.

Nō Ngāti Tū, Ngāti Kurumōkihi, Ngāi Te Ruruku tōku whānau.

Ko Tangoio te marae.

Hayley’s partner (Rangitane Taurima) and their tamariki are from our Hapū of Maungaharuru-Tangitū.  Hayley has worked for MTT since 2012, as Project Manager and Communications Manager.  Hayley’s current role is Kaiwhakahaere Taiao.  Hayley works part-time as she cares for her two young tamariki.  She has a PhD in Conservation Genetics and a Diploma in Arts (Māori Studies).

“It is an honour to work for and with our Hapū, for our treasured Taiao.”

Toitū te Marae o Tāne, Toitū te Marae o Tangaroa, Toitū te Iwi

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Photo caption: Hayley Lawrence (while hapū with her son Tāwaka) at Opouahi, Kokopuru pā in the background.

Johanna Wilson

Kaiwhakawhanake ā-Hapū – Hapu Development Manager

Ko Maungaharuru te Maunga
Ko Tangitū te Moana
Ko Te Ngarue te Awa
Ko Marangatūhetaua, Ngāi te Ruruk
ū, NgāTauira, Ngāti Kurumokihi me NgāTahu ngā Hapū
Ko Tangoio te Marae

Ko wai au? Ko Rangitere Taurima rāua ko Harata Taylor ōku Tīuna Mātua ko Hēni Taurima rāua ko Denis Hoetawa-Paul ōku mātau. Tokotōru ōku Tuakana, tokotōrua ōku Tuahine, Ko Rangi (Boy, Poppycorn) te Matamua.

Johanna joined our team on in July, having worked in health for the past twenty years, in both the Bay of Plenty District Health Board based in Whakatane and the last six years with the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board as Smokefree Programme Manager and then Acting General Manager for Population Health.  She has a background in Health Promotions, with a passion to help our whānau navigate the health system and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Johanna and Rex have four adult children and four mokopuna, whom they spend their free-time with.

 “I am so excited to share my wealth of knowledge and experience with our hapū and also acknowledge I have a lot to learn from you too”.

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Photo caption: Johanna Wilson pictured here at Whakaari, showing Tangoio Beach in the background.

Louise Whaanga

Kaiārahi Reo

Ko Whakapūnake te maunga
Ko Te Wairoa Hōpūpū Hōnengenenge Matangirau te awa
Ko Takitimu te waka
Ko Ngāti Kahungunu te iwi
Ko Ngāti Matangirau te hapū
Ko Whaakirangi te marae.

Louise grew up in Hastings and now lives in Napier with her partner and their three sons.   She is a strong advocate for the use of te reo Māori intergenerationally within the home.  Her role at Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust is to lead the implementation of our Māori Language Strategy.  She has just completed the first 12 months of a project called “Kia haruru anō te reo Māori” which is funded by Te Mātāwai and she is excited about the upcoming year and the prospects for expanding the project to reach more Tangoio whānau.  Louise has her own consultancy business and works part-time.  She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Māori Studies.

It is a privilege to work for an organisation and with people who genuinely value and prioritise the reo.”

“Kia haruru anō te reo Māori, ko te Pae Tawhiti whāia kia tata

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Mark Kilmister

Kaiwhakahaere Whai Rawa – Commercial Manager

Mark has held numerous senior positions in the Finance Industry. Whilst working Mark gained tertiary qualifications in Finance and Marketing. These qualifications back up a hard work ethic, common sense and business experience. Mark has a unique ability to work within a team to solve difficult situations and has been contracted by business and banks since being self-employed. Since 2011, Mark has been a Company Director and currently sits on the Boards of three outstanding organisations (Hohepa, Scallywaggs and Scanpower).
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Anesia Taurima-Nuku (Nesi)

Kaitiaki Rēhita – Whakapapa – Registration Officer

Ko Maungaharuru te Maunga
Ko Tangitū te Moana
Ko Te Ngarue te Awa
Ko Marangatūhetaua,  Ng
āi te Rurukū, NgāTauira, Ngāti Kurumokihi me NgāTahu ngā Hapū
Ko Tangoio te Marae.

Nesi has 20-years’ plus experience in the administration arena and across various sectors including Iwi, business, government, and not-for-profit.  She has proven administrative, secretarial, and financial bookkeeping skills.  Nesi has a passion for Tangoio Marae and connecting with whānau.  She has three children, two at university and one in Kura Kaupapa Maori.

Nesi’s parents are Arona Rangitere (Rangi, Boy, Poppycorn) and Elizabeth (Lizzy) Taurima (nee Henderson), and paternal grandparents Koro Taunoa and Heni Paul (nee Taurima).

“I offer my passion for my Marae, for MTT, and within this encapsulates whānau and hapū.”

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Guy Te Kahika

Kaitiaki Opouahi – Opouahi Reserve Caretaker

I te taha o tōku māmā, Ko Titīrangi tōku Maunga, Ko Uawa rātau Ko Ruamatau ōku awa.
Ko Ruakapanga ōku whare Tīpuna, Ko Hauitī tōku Marae, Ko Te Aitanga rātau Ko Hauitī tokū iwi.
I te taha o tōku pāpā, Ko Tawhirirangi tōku Maunga, Ko Mohaka ōku awa, Ko Te Kahu o te rangi ōku whare Tīpuna, Ko Waipāpā a iwi tōku Marae, Ko Ngati Pāhauwera tōku iwi.

Ka moe a Erueti i a Ihipera ka puta ko Guy ahau.

Guy joined our team last year, having worked with Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board for over thirty years in a number of positions including Electrical Technician, Manager and Contractor. Guy was also worked at Department of Conservation as a Ranger and Compliance Officer.

He was also an inaugural board member for the HB / Rangitikei District Conservation Board.  During his working career, Guy was a Rural, High Country Fire Fighter and a Search and Rescue (SAR) Police advisor.

His passion and love for the outdoors extends to being a life member of the NZ Deerstalkers Association, hunting and diving. When he isn’t doing these things you can find him at the Gym in Hastings, participating in martial arts or out and about taking photos (another great passion).

Guy has 2 sons, 5 moko and 5 grand-moko (all boys).

“My love for the great outdoors keeps me active and I enjoy it all the more when I have whanau with me”.

Photo caption: Guy Te Kahika, Kaitiaki Opouahi (Opouahi Caretaker) takes in the beautiful views of the area near the Waitaha Stream, in the northern part of our Takiwā, with Tiwhanui in the background.

Callum Beattie

Kaitātari Kaupapa Here – Consent & Policy Analyst

No Manawatū ahau

Ko Ngāti Pākehā te iwi

Ko tēnei tāku mihi ki ngā tāngata whenua o te takiwā o Maungaharuru Tangitū.

Callum grew up in the Manawatū before studying law at Victoria University of Wellington.  Callum obtained a Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Science (Environmental Studies) and is passionate about conservation and the environment. Callum moved to Hawke’s Bay after working as a lawyer in Auckland for three years and his role at MTT is as Kaitātari Kaupapa Here.  He is looking forward to getting to know the tangata whenua MTT represents and the taiao and takiwā for which they are kaitiaki.

“I am excited to be able to assist the MTT Hapū achieving their goals in a space dedicated to the connection between people and the environment.”

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Photo caption: Callum Beattie, Kaitātari Kaupapa Here (Consents & Policy Analyst), pictured here at Boundary Stream, high up in the Maungaharuru Range.