Pukapuka – Tōku Pepeha

Do you want your tamariki / mokopuna to learn our pepeha?

Or maybe you want to learn it yourself?

We have produced a pukapuka (book) called Tōku Pepeha, available for purchase. It includes our pepeha and photos as featured in our maramataka.

You can personalise your pukapuka!

You can provide a photo and name of a person to include in your pukapuka, and specify which of our Hapū you want. To see a personalised example, please click here. To see the version that isn’t personalised, please click here.

Utu (Cost)

The pukapuka is available at $24 + postage and packaging. To save the postage cost you can pick it up from Napier for free.

How to order:

1. Contact the printer directly: Nicolette or Claire at

  • Print Solutions Hawke’s Bay Limited, 64 Dickens St, Napier 4110
  • promotions@printsolutions.co.nz
  • (06) 834 3088

2. Let them know which of our Hapū you want included, e.g.:

Ko Marangatūhetaua, Ngāti Kurumōkihi, Ngāi Tauira me Ngāi Te Ruruku ki Tangoio ngā hapū

3. If you would like to personalise your pukapuka, let them know the name of the person the pukapuka is for and provide a photo. A photo taken from a camera or straight from a phone is best for printing (rather than off Facebook etc.).

4. Arrange printing of your order and payment with Print Solutions directly.

If you have any questions, you can contact our office at info@tangoio.maori.nz, (06) 835 3300, or 0800 TANGOIO.

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