Maungaharuru-Tangitū Hunting Club Committee

A Maungaharuru-Tangitū Hunting Club Committee (Hunting Committee) has been established to oversee and maintain the regulatory functions of the Esk Forest Open hunt season.

Esk Forest is considered one of the regions premier pig hunting blocks, with lots of wild pigs and deer and feral goats.

Hunting access was closed in 2019 after it was decided there needed to be an improvement in processes to mitigate risks; including permit arrangements and insurance.

For generations whanau have enjoyed hunting, providing kai for their whanau and for gatherings at Tangoio. The activity also plays a vital role in pest control.

The Hunting Committee was established in December 2020 and have already created a process around the allocation of hunting permits.

Only registered Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust members will be eligible to apply for the Esk Forest Hunting ballot, which will determine who receives permits.

Applications will be accepted from 13 March 2021 until 21 March for the 2021 Esk Forest Hunt season, with applicants required to submit a copy of their liability insurance or own a hunting insurance policy – please see the membership part of our website to access an application form.

The Hunting Committee will review the eligibility of each application and carry out the ballot; allocating hunting weekends with applicants able to attend the ballot event.

Permit holders will be able to have a maximum of 5 people within their hunting party, however these must be registered MTT members. The permit allows for one pig and one deer and unlimited goats, possums, rats and rabbits.

The Hunting Committee will also help to promote ethical hunting that is sustainable and founded on conservation principles, look at any other opportunities to hunt outside of the Esk Forest and provide leadership, education and training to whānau (rangatahi, tamariki) who are keen to hunt.

The Committee has overseen the creation of a Esk Forest Handbook, which outlines our hunting values and how hapū members can access hunting safely. Check it out here – MTT Esk Forest Hunting Handbook

There are 6 members on the committee, all of whom were proactive in seeing the resumption of hunting in the forest. Future members will be decided through a nomination process.

The Esk Forest is a 3,303ha Pine Forest located approximately forty-five (45) km north of Napier on State Highway 5. It is a commercial property which was part of our settlement.

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