Register now for our Wānanga Reo!

We are about to begin our winter series of online wānanga reo.

The kaiako (teachers) are all from Tangoio.  Learners will be assigned to one of three groups: advanced, intermediate, beginners.

The wānanga are scheduled to start at the end of May and will involve 12 hours of contact time.  The teacher, together with the group, will decide how to use those 12 hours e.g. it could be 2 hours of online learning per week across a six week period or it could be a series of 3 hour sessions over 4 weekends.  There will also be extra time and resources allocated to waiata and language planning and a workbook will be sent to you.

As these will be online wānanga you will need:

  • Access to the internet;
  • A device;
  • To download Zoom onto your device.

If you are interested please fill out the registration form at the link below. We will use the information you provide us to allocate you to a kaiako and a group.  Registrations will close on Monday 24 May 2021.

If you require assistance to download Zoom, please call the office at 0800 TANGOIO or (06) 835 3300 and ask for Nesi Taurima or Charmaine Butler.

Wānanga Reo Registration - May 2021

Please rate your confidence in being able to participate in the following cultural practices:

1 = very confident, 2 = confident, 3 = not confident

Please rate your understanding and ability to use the following sentence structures

1 = I fully understand the sentence and use it all the time, 2 = I understand the sentence but have trouble using it, 3 = I don't understand the sentence

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