Announcements of Land Categorisations for Future Flood Risk

  • On Thursday 1 June 2023, our whānau learned that Tangoio, Pākuratahi, Petane and Te Waiohingānga / Esk have been included in Category 3 (High Risk Properties).  Arapawanui and other areas within our takiwā were not included in any categories, though that may change.
  • The Council has advised that this assessment is provisional.
  • There is still more work to be done by Council and more information to consider, including discussions with our whānau property owners, before a final decision is made.
  • We understand that engagement with our affected whānau will begin mid-June.
  • We will talk more about this at our upcoming Hui-ā-Hapū – Sunday 11 June at East Pier, Ahuriri, 12:30pm Kai, 1:30pm Hui

Supporting our affected whānau
  • On the day of the announcement, we met with whānau at Arapawanui and Tangoio.
  • We will be meeting again soon, to listen to their needs and identify how MTT can help.
  • In the meantime, the MTT Recovery Team is working with agencies to help clarify the process moving forward and identify options for whānau to consider.
  • Click here for info on the Recovery Plan

Tangoio Marae area is included in Category 3, but so far the announcements are only about residential properties. 

Land Category Maps

  • The maps are provisional
  • Arapawanui hasn’t been included, yet
  • Click on the map to see a larger version
Petane & Esk Valley: mostly Category 3, Whirinaki Category 2A
Tangoio Valley: mostly Category 3, except the Tangoio Beach Development which is Category 2A

What are the Categories?

Category 3 – High Risk Properties

Future severe weather event risk cannot be sufficiently mitigated. In some cases some current land uses may remain acceptable, while for others there is intolerable risk of injury or death.

Category 2 – Managed Risk Properties

Areas with complex issues that may require significant choices on community level solutions (for example a flood management scheme) and / or property level interventions to manage risk to property. As areas were assessed, Category “2” was expanded into three specific sub-categories – click here for the definitions.

Click here for the full definitions of the categories

Info from councils

Click here to access the webpage with info from the councils for property owners.

It includes category info, a consultation timeline, next steps, answers to frequently asked questions

Info from Government

Click the links in blue below to access: