We have successfully secured funding for an exciting project for 2022: He Kāinga Taurikura ō Tangitū: Treasured Coastal Environment.

This 14-month project is focussed on our kuku reef at Tangoio, a taonga that is under threat largely due to human activities. This project has four phases.

Phase one: Identify attributes, indicators and targets: wānanga and bring together our mātauranga-a-hapū to describe the state of our kuku and the pressures on our kuku and our cultural practices.

Phase two: Identify technologies to complement mātauranga-a-hapū: wānanga about different leading-edge technologies and develop a long-term plan to:

  • establish quality baseline information about the kuku habitat;
  • plan ongoing monitoring;
  • integrate additional knowledge into our assessments.

Phase three: Evaluate technology: we will test technology we have not used before e.g., a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) which is an unoccupied underwater robot that will allow our hapū to directly view the kuku reef environment.

Phase four:Develop a Coastal Cultural Assessment Framework and adaptive management: we will develop a framework to monitor the kuku reef.

This project will support our tangata kaitiaki who manage customary permits in our takiwa.

This is a collaborative project with NIWA and is funded by the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge. Sustainable Seas includes Mātauranga Māori informing and underpinning Ecosystem Based Management for Aotearoa. Many other coastal hapū and iwi are keen to learn about our project so join us and together we will make it a success!

Tihei Tangitū!


To listen to our Toihau (Chair) Tania Hopmans speak about the project in an interview with Radio Waatea, on 25 March 2022, click here.